Bohemia coat of arms erb Welcome to our family name page !   Vítejte na stránkách rodného jména !
kostlivy       Czech Rebublic coat of arms erb
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      Hi! Did you know that:
  • Our name is closely connected to the rich, colorful and proud history of the Chods ?
  • These proud people, a.k.a Psohlavci to some, and their leader, Jan Sladky Kozina, are now engraved forever in the history of the Czech Republic?


                                 So, if your name is Kostlivy, Kostliva, Kostlevy or any other variation thereof, then you are in the right place.
                                You see, I don't believe that I am the only Kostlivy who ever tried to search the Web looking for somebody with the same name or tried to find out something about the history of our name.
                                 I hope that this page will become our one-stop place, where we all can go to share any information about ourselves, our ancestors and where, especially our children,
                                 can learn about our origins and about the beautiful country our roots are in.
                                 Hey, maybe some of us will find new relatives.
                                Of course, I'll be adding any new information that I may receive, either from you or from my research.

                                 So, please do not hesitate, jump in, have some fun and drop me a line.

This site is dedicated to my children Karolyn, Kathryn, William, to my wife Jitka,
my sisters Eva a Jarmila and most of all to the memory of my parents Marie and Vilem.

Vilem Kostlivy