Chod with dogThe region of Chodsko, as we know it today, is only a small part of the original settlement on the western border of the country which once covered a large area extending from the town of Domazlice through Bor and Tachov to Plana.
In the southern section of the area there were twelve privileged settlements: Drazenov, Chodov, Klicov, Klenci pod Cerchovem, Chodska Lhota, Mrakov, Pocinovice, Postrekov, Straz, Tlumacov, Ujezd and Loucim.

The male inhabitants of these villages guarded the  borders between the Bohemia and Germany.  As a reward for this duty, they were granted various rights and privileges by the Bohemian kings who also bestowed upon them an extraordinary rank in the feudal system. Their most important right was their personal liberty, although they were royal serfs. 

The inhabitants of Domazlice obtained 24 privileges in the years between 1325 and 1612 confirming these rights and these remained in force until the end of the 17th century. This service, with the omnipresent danger of an invasion, required fighting power, bravery and determination, skills that they had demonstrated throughout their long history.
During the 16th and 17th centuries, the region of Domazlice had a population of 320 made up small villages of about 50 inhabitants each. Since the defense was in the hands of only a small number of men, each village was designed and built with this in mind.

Villages were built either on slopes or at the foot of a hill so as to be concealed from the enemy. Guard posts were placed at the summits from where imminent danger could be signaled (e.g. the village Hradek nad Ujezdem with a memorial to John Sladky Kozina).

The villages were made up of single plots around a large village green and with only two roads that could be easily blocked and defended. Barns and gardens in the plots were also used in the defense. An attack on such a village often proved to be an insurmountable problem for an enemy.  In spite of later reconstruction, most villages in the area of Chodsko have preserved this character.

Historical documents from the year 1543 claim that the people of Chodsko united under a flag depicting a pair of felt shoes and not the head of a dog as claimed in a novel by Alois Jirasek.  A seal was used for official documents from the end of the 15th century. Up until the present day, the region of Chodsko has preserved its individual dialect, customs and richly decorated folk costumes.